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NEW: Lavazza LB Compact

Espresso Coffee Italiano of Canada Ltd is an authorized distributor of the Lavazza Espresso Point System. The system is a cartridge based single serve beverage system.

Espresso Point will provide you the best cup of gourmet coffee you have ever tasted. The Espresso Point System is so versatile that you can treat you clients to a premium espresso, cappuccino, cafe late, hot chocolate and a fine variety of teas. Instead of spending you coffee break making a pot of coffee for the office, you will actually be able to use your break to enjoy a spectacular cup of coffee!

Since its introduction the Lavazza Espresso Point System has been enjoyed by closes to one million businesses, restaurants and hotels worldwide. Its technology makes it possible to brew perfect espresso in seconds at the touch of a button.

Lavazza Blue 2312
Espresso Blue, Dolce Crema
$75.00 [per 100]

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