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How long does it take to deliver coffee to my location?

Within areas of Greater Toronto our sales rep delivers coffee in 2 business days. Federal Express Ground service also delivers within Toronto and Surrounding areas in 2 business days. Areas outside of the greater Toronto and Ontario will have estimated times of arrival. These are based on the Federal Express Ground Service schedule. Fedex Express Service is subject to additional charges.

Where can I get my machine serviced?

Our office is equipped with a repair facility. Clients who own their machines can drop off or ship their machine to our location. We will either exchange or repair on site machines for clients who have obtained our machines from our "Free Use" program. Allow one to two business days for repairs at our office and for machine exchanges.

Does the Lavazza Espresso Point make regular coffee?

The espresso point is not a drip coffee system; however, a similar cup of coffee can be brewed by making a longer espresso simply by adding more water.

How many seconds does it take to make an espresso?

A regular espresso can be brewed in approximately 25 seconds.

Does the Lavazza espresso point come with a warranty?

Espresso Coffee Italiano offers a one year warranty upon purchase purchased machines, parts and labor. We offer a 6 month warranty on purchased refurbished machines, parts and labor. Extended warranty can be purchased.

How can I get the Lavazza Espresso Point?

You can buy a Lavazza Espresso Point machine, perfect for any home or office or you can inquire about our free use program. We can provide you with a machine free of charge upon a minimum purchase of coffee. You can also rent the machine on a monthly or weekly basis.

Do I have to sign a contract for vending services?

Yes, a contractual commitment is required to commence vending services. The obligation is monthly and can be terminated at your convenience.

Can I use another brand of espresso with the Lavazza espresso point system?

No, the Lavazza espresso point machine only works properly with Lavazza capsules.

Does the Lavazza espresso point require a water line hook up?

No, the Lavazza espresso point has a water tank which holds 3.5 liters of water, producing approximately 70 short espressos.

Do I have to turn off my machine when I'm finished using it?

The espresso point machine should be left in the "ON" position; its energy consumption is low when it is not in use. That way the heating element will always be ready for use.

How do I order?

You may order through our shopping cart. OR you can email us at or call us 905-907-5049

I have more questions but I did not find answers on your website?

Please contact us at, we will be glad to assist you

Lavazza Blue 2312
Espresso Blue, Espresso Decaffeinato
$75.00 [per 100]

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