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NEW: Lavazza LB Compact

Espresso Point by Lavazza is a revolutionary system designed to simplify the process of making espresso and cappuccino. Our unique patented method makes use of disposable cartridges filled with Lavazza premium coffee, then automatically ejects them in a collecting drawer where they can be disposed of or recycled. It is the cleanest, quickest and easiest way to brew professional-quality espresso. Unlike standard espresso machines, the Espresso Point coffee maker can be used to make a wide selection of coffees and other hot beverages, such as regular tea, lemon tea, and soup. Each person using the machine has a choice of coffee flavours and beverages-depending on the cartridges that are purchased. The cartridges are filled with rich Italian gourmet coffees and other delightful beverages.

Espresso Point is like no other coffee machine. Espresso Point offers:

  • No maintenance!
  • No cleaning!
  • No gaskets, filters or diffusers.
  • High speed preparation: 25 seconds to brew a cup of espresso, and 55 seconds for a cup of cappuccino!
  • Compact size.
  • Easy to use (see instructions).
  • A 1-year full warranty upon purchase
  • No need for a water plug-in. Our machines use a water tank capable of supplying 70 cups without refilling!

For a more detailed explanation and for instructions please click here.

Lavazza LB Compact
Lavazza Super Crema Espresso Beans

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